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When you wear dentures, you might not want everyone to know, yet dentures are far more common than you may think. In fact, it is estimated there are approximately 10 million denture wearers throughout the nation and around 1 million of them are under 30.

At Horton Dental Practice, we understand that losing your teeth for whatever reason can be distressing and we will ensure your denture appliance fits comfortably and looks natural.

How dentures work

Full or partial dentures replace missing teeth and are removable whilst being affordable. Where multiple teeth are missing, dentures may also help to restore the shape of your face.

Whether you lost a tooth in an accident or have had a tooth extraction, dentures can be worn almost straight away as minimal preparation is needed.

Different types of dentures

Your Horton Dental Practice dentist will recommend the best type of denture for you.

Below is a description of different options and the benefits of wearing a denture:

Each option has particular benefits and structures:

  • Full or Complete Denture: this is used to replace all the upper or lower teeth. A full denture fits tightly and comfortably over your gums. It is helped to stay in place with dental adhesives which are widely available. Full dentures require regular cleaning and can be removed easily to do so
  • Partial Denture: this is used if you are missing one or several teeth in a row. It is typically made of plastic or a combination of metal and plastic and is held in place with metal retaining clips. The teeth in a partial denture are made of high grade plastic materials which will be colour-matched to your teeth for a natural appearance

If you are a denture wearer and the appliance becomes uncomfortable or no longer fits properly it is vital to contact us as soon as possible to avoid any damage to your gums.

Please call Horton Dental Practice on 0208 391 9222 or click here to contact us to discuss possible options if you are missing a tooth or teeth.

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