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Routine Fillings

A filling is required when decay attacks a tooth and is a straightforward and common procedure. Horton Dental Practice’s dentists have years of experience to ensure this is a comfortable and expertly carried out treatment.

A dental examination and x-ray will determine whether a filling is required. Your dentist will assess the extent of damage caused by decay and recommend the best course of action to eliminate it.

 When does decay occur?

Tooth decay occurs when the acid in your mouth attacks the outer layer of your tooth or the enamel. This may create a small hole or cavity. The dentist can remove the decay within the tooth and fill the cavity with a filling.

Cavities caused by decay are normally found on the top (also known as the crown) of a tooth. This is where a filling will normally be placed.

What material is a filling made from?

Fillings can be made out of a number of materials including metal, porcelain, composite resins or amalgam.

A common filling-type is silver amalgam. However, as this can contain traces of mercury it will not be used if a patient is sensitive to metals.

Our dentists at Horton Dental Practice will recommend the most appropriate type of filling for you.

The procedure

If you need a filling, our dentists will discuss the options before carrying out any treatment. X-rays will determine how best to treat the decay and the extent of the filling required.

Local anaesthetic is used to numb the area around the affected tooth. The decay is then drilled out of the cavity before the tooth is cleaned in preparation for the filling.

The dentist will apply the filling on the tooth before sculpting it to ensure it feels natural and comfortable.

We will provide instructions as to how you should care for your tooth and give advice around maintaining a good oral care regime to avoid further decay.

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